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Parrot Bird Rescue

Polly Want a Rescue is a not for profit parrot rescue organization. We cover all five boroughs which include Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and New York City and just recently took on Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

We provide Rescue, Rehabilitation, Education and Adoption services to ensure lifelong enrichment for the companion bird experience and to help raise standards of care for domestically kept parrots.

Polly Want A Rescue volunteers are dedicated to educating the public on the appropriate health care and general well-being of companion birds. Polly Want a Rescue volunteers are often called upon to provide assistance in rehabilitating, fostering, nursing and re-homing these parrots into loving, qualified homes.

Featured Bird: Cielita

bird rescue, parrot rescue Cielita means "Little Sky" in Spanish. When the family saw the beautiful blue bird with no real name ..that's all they could think of. Cielita was purchased from a pet store "on sale" by someone who loved her color, and felt bad for her. The employees at the store would bang on the cage to get her to move so they could reach into the cage. Therefore,she became "hand-shy". No one handled her, named her or let her out. The woman who bought her, tried to work with her a short time but realized she was over her head. She called her "Blue ."After a few weeks, she gave her to a volunteer from Polly Want A Rescue. Cielita was adopted by a family with much bird experience. They worked with her and calmed her down. Now her favorite place is sitting on the oldest son's arm!

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